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Emergency Services Training

After new cadets have completed the requirements for Cadet Airman and new senior members have completed Level 1 training, they can start working on emergency services qualifications.  Below you will find information for the 5 courses needed by all CAP emergency services personnel. You can complete them at home. 

Civil Air Patrol Training Courses 

Once these tests are complete, they will automatically be reflected in eServices OpsQuals. 

  • CAP Test 116 - General Emergency Services (GES) Exam 
  • Introductory Communication User Training (ICUT) 
    • eServices > Menu > Online Learning > AXIS / Learning Management System 
    • Click the "Go To AXIS" button at the top 
    • Search the Course Catalog for "ICUT Introductory Communications User Training"
    • The quizzes are open book.
    • After you complete the online class, you will need to meet with a communications officer for a short hands-on demonstration with our radio equipment. Cadets - contact your flight staff. Seniors - contact your mentor or 2d Lt Cleveland/2d Lt Ancheta directly.
  • CAP Test 117 Part 1 – ES Continuing Education  

FEMA Training Courses 

For all FEMA courses, be sure to "Take the Exam" at the end and save the PDF of your certificate. You will upload the PDF to eServices OpsQuals to receive credit. 

To upload your FEMA course certificate and get credit in OpsQuals: 

  • OpsQuals SQTR Entry/Worksheet 
  • Upload your certificate 
    • Click “View/Upload Documents” 
    • Under “What would you like to upload?”, select the appropriate type for your document (IS100, IS700) 
    • Select your saved PDF certificate 
    • Click “Upload ES Files” 
    • Click the X in the upper right to close the uploaded documents view 
  • Request achievement validation 
    • Select the appropriate Achievement (IS100, IS700) to see the SQTR 
    • Date box: Enter the date you completed the task
    • Mission ID box: Leave this blank 
    • Certificate ID box: Enter the certificate ID if there is one, otherwise leave blank 
    • Check the box on upper right corner of the task 
    • Click “Submit” - Squadron staff will get notified to validate the certificate and approve your qualification

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