130th Composite Squadron
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  • Training is offered through: Online learning, in person Character Development classes and hands on experience at Squadron Meetings, Wing Activities and Emergency Services.

  • Through advancement in the program, both Cadets and Senior Members are afforded the opportunity to put their leadership skills that they learn into action both locally and throughout the country.

Aerospace Education

  • Educational training is offered through online learning and hands on activities that include the use of: Model Rocketry, Flight Simulators, Drones and many other projects.

  • Flight Opportunities are offered through O-Flights - free orientation flights in our CAP plane for qualified cadets and flight lessons for active Cadets at a reduced cost through arrangement with our Senior Member Pilots and the Civil Air Patrol.

 Emergency Services

  • Training to become Ground Team Certified to participate in Search and Rescue Missions authorized by the Civil Air Patrol.

  • Locally hosted SAREX - Search and Rescue Exercise missions 

  • Training for Senior members to become Mission Scanners or Mission Observers for Emergency Services ... you do not need to be a pilot to be a Scanner or Observer.

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